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The Diamond Fever Transformation

While Diamond Fever still fields teams that compete with the best, the scope of their community support is growing! Our Sportsplex offers three fields and a 6,000-square foot, all-season, indoor practice facility. We offer private lessons with energetic and knowledgeable coaches who are proven teachers of their sport. And you may access it all, whether or not you are a Diamond Fever team or player.

Our Sportsplex is here for you if you are...

  • a player who needs private lessons in pitching, catching, hitting, and/or fielding. 

  • a college or high school player with an extended break who needs a place to practice for the Spring season.

  • a coach of a team who needs an affordable place to practice.

  • a player who wants to join our elite teams. 

  • a team looking for an organization that will let you be as independent or as supported as you wish. 

College Players: This one's for YOU!

All college softball players who need a space to train during the breaks are welcomed to our facility that offers 2 batting cages, 6 pitching stations, and multiple hitting nets and tees. The floor is turf, and, best of all, it's heated.  We even have 3 fields when the weather allows for outdoor workouts.  Please email Tim Bray at

We look forward to helping you train for an
AWESOME collegiate season!

Interested in Lessons?

Allie Reid comes to Diamond Fever with college-level experience and unsurpassed energy and knowledge of the game she loves. If you are looking for affordable, up-to-date training in pitching, catching, hitting, and/or fielding, Allie exactly what you need. Choose her link below for profile information and a direct contact to
schedule your lesson
or to ask any questions you may have.
And yes, she can even provide lessons virtually. 
Allie Reid pitching.jpg
Allie Reid.jpg
Allie Reid, Trainer and 18U Coach

We have space in our facility for you or
your team to practice! 
 Interested in private lessons for 
pitching, catching, hitting, and fielding, let us know! 

We have all YOU need at our year-round facility. 
Send us a message under the Contact Us tab!

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