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About the Program

Since 1998 the Diamond Fever program has supported hundreds of girls and boys, from 8U to 18U teams, from Southside Virginia and surrounding areas. We are an organization engrained in the community for over 20 years, and we have accomplished lofty goals, earning more tournament titles and points than many of our competitors and making a distinguished name for ourselves in our area.


But to our players, Diamond Fever is so much more. With the teammates and coaches, players have learned skills beyond the softball and baseball fields. They have learned the value of teamwork, the meaning of the words “Never Give Up,” and the integrity of bringing good sportsmanship to every part of their lives. Most of the players plan to continue with Diamond Fever throughout their school years and later to continue their love and talent for the game in college. Diamond Fever has already sent many girls  to college as incredible students and softball players.  We are proud to add baseball to our organization and cannot wait to see the strides Diamond Fever makes with these newest players!

Our Facility

The Diamond Fever Training Facility sits on 10 acres in Ringgold, Virginia. 


In addition to three training fields, the organization has a large heated building with artificial turf for year-around practice. 


Team members and families are expected to pitch in to help maintain organization-owned facility.

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