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Bobby Clifton Educational Fund
Because Bobby Clifton dedicated many years of talent and dedication to the game of softball, his family has requested an education fund be established in his name for players of the Diamond Fever Softball Organization.
The family has contributed $2,500 to begin this worthy fund.


This educational fund has two distinct purposes:
     1. To honor and memorialize a beloved coach, Bobby Clifton, by helping players with their post-secondary educational expenses (tuition, board, books)
     2. To assist players in attaining their educational goals, meet their professional objectives, and succeed to their fullest abilities



The funds will be administered in Spring/Summer of the player’s/players’ senior year. This is a one-time funding opportunity for Diamond Fever players.

Duration and Sustainability:

This educational fund will be yearly and ongoing as long as the funds are available and sustainable. The organization will offer 2.5% of all fundraisers (including individual team fundraisers and the 100-inning Game) to this fund. The organization may also establish one yearly event, entirely focused on raising money for this fund.

Educational Fund Terms and Criteria:

  • These funds are a one-time gift to graduating seniors of the Diamond Fever Organization who are pursuing a post-secondary education

  • Funding Amount: The amount a player will receive may fluctuate from year to year, based on the number of recipients and the amount of funding available. The award amount will be determined annually by the Board Administrators.

  • Proposed Plan for the 2016-2017 seasons:

    • Each senior player will receive $100 for each full year she has played with Diamond Fever up to $500.

    • Each recipient must enroll full-time in an accredited junior college, college or university.

    • If a player joins Diamond Fever mid-season, that season will NOT count toward the $100 full-season allotment.

  • Payment: The Bobby Clifton Educational Fund will make payments directly to the school the player is attending.  The deposit will be made as soon as the player is registered for classes.  The Board Administrators will ask for a letter/receipt from the school for accountability purposes.


Board Administrators (Advisory Committee):


  • The administrators of these funds will include the president of the Diamond Fever board (as long as he has no familial connection with those who may apply); Sheila Clifton, Bobby Clifton’s wife; and at least two community members.

  •  No board administrator may have a family member eligible for the funding.

Responsibilities of the Funding Administrators:

  • Communicate with Diamond Fever players about their eligibility for the funds

  • Determine annually the amount available for funding gifts

  • Announce funding availability through an application process

  • Collect and select qualifying players for funding based on application

  • Contact recipients via formal letter

  • Share recipient list with the board secretary for publication in the local newspapers

  • Offer an annual report for the purpose of assessing financial health and reviewing any issues that may arise.

  • Develop and implement a plan for funding sustainability with the organizational board’s support.

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