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Jen Schroeder Clinic

Diamond Fever welcomed Jen Schroeder to our facility July 28 and the whole organization had a blast. Jen worked with members on their softball skills.

The visit by Schroeder was sponsored by Dicks Sporting Goods.

Schroeder was an All-Pac 10 honoree and three-time World Series participant at UCLA where she played from 2004 thorugh 2008. Since graduating in 2009, she founded Jen Schro Catching and has become one of the top softball catching instructors in the nation.

She spends a majority of her weekends traveling the country doing clinics and speaking events, and she also just signed wiht Dick's Sporting Goods.

The Diamond Fever organization is very thankfull to Dick's Sporting Goods and to Jen for bringing us this priceless opportunity.


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