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Building upgraded with artificial turf

The Diamond Fever training facility now has artificial turf in the indoor training facility thanks to the hard work and efforts of the Diamond Fever family.

The organization plans to reopen the facility the first week of January.

“I want to personally thank everyone who has been able to help with the improvements to our building,” said Warren Mills. “I know there are others who are ready and willing to help but haven't been able to help because of sickness or commitments. You are the ones who have or will get the full experience and satisfaction of being a part of Diamond Fever Softball.”

Diamond Fever players, coaches and parents contributed part of their holiday to installing the turf … a very labor intensive task due to the weight of each roll.

“That is why many of us have been around so long. When you stick around long enough and participate in the growth of an organization that not only helps your daughter, but has a vision for helping countless others in the future, it's almost impossible to ‘let it go,’” he said. “Sometimes it is HARD WORK. Sometimes it is doing a thankless task. Occasionally heartbreak. But it's always worth it in the end.”

The three-year-old building has sported a dirt floor until this week’s installation of artificial turf.

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